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All New Storefront

I've been creating stuff for over 20 years. All sorts of things; books, shirts, a tarot deck, bandanas, songs, stickers. You name it. But until now, all this stuff has lived in separate places. Never in one spot. So that's why I wanted to make a single, unifying source for all my creations. 

Now you can get everything, all in one place. Granted, some of it still lives elsewhere, but at least you know at a glance what's available to you. Some of the stuff I keep here, and I'll ship it out if you order it. Other stuff gets shipped by the respective vendor, and still others are POD - print on demand. Like the apparel. That means, if you order something like that, it will get printed to order and shipped to you. This helps me offer things I wouldn't normally be able to stock, due to limited budget or whatever. 

So enjoy. And keep checking back, as I'll be adding new stuff all the time. Audio books are coming soon. A new book every month is in the works. And eventually, a new shirt design every month. Boom. Constant content, right here. For you.